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All of our sports predictions are tirelessly researched by TPK’S team of experts. No other sports handicapper except THE PARLAY KING puts in the legwork and applies the relentless, intense level of research that pays off in steady returns. 

TPK has more than 35 YRS experience in the sports betting industry. We are old school sports handicapping with strong Las Vegas connections using new age technology – an unbeatable combination.


 The parlay is what we specialize in around here. With the NHL,NBA & NCAA MLB  Iin action, this is the best time of the sports calander to build your bankroll and treat your offshore account like a money tree. Whether its safe $ line parlays or Underdog Awesome payout parlays, we have developed strategies on winning parlays from 2-6 teams and ways to rollover profits and hedge strategies to preserve and grow your bankroll with lightning speed. October through March should be your best months. We can show you strategies that can make you a Huge Bankroll and Quick!! Simply put, the sheer amount of games available to wager on any given Saturday & Sunday gives us a great chance to win big for you. At that moment we are prepared and you need to be as well before you lay your money down.

Over the next few months of the NBA,NCAA & NHL Season you can see the Contenders or Pretenders as the season winds down. Our staff is breaking down each division, we have isolated the overlooked teams that may go on a Major run ATS, good solid teams that are not dead and will cover many times as dogs and we can really isolate them early in an ATS Winning streak. Knowledge is Power more importantly the Power to Win.

Our Group has been beating Sports books in Las Vegas, Locals, and Offshore Books for years. We see the business in a simple way. Our job is to show you a profit week in and week out. We are Parlay Experts. We have had winning parlays from 2-8 teams over the past 9 years. They are your best bet when you follow a few simple rules and stay disciplined.

We soon realized there was a need for a prominent handicapper to educate the public on the many opportunities that parlay playing offers. Some of the parlays that we and our clients have won over the years are not the most glamorous in the world; they are of all types, $$ line, Totals, 2 – 6 team plays. The main thing is to Win for you on a consistent basis. The Information we get is by far the most privileged in the industry. We isolate the teams others overlook. We have an expert in every division in the NCAA & NBA and even look at the Rookies or Freshman that can be that impact player’s. Our wealth of information that’s not available to the public is extraordinary.

 MUST READ BELOWThe fastest way to build a bankroll is by Winning Parlays. With NBA, MLB & NHL all in action we are ready for another Great year of Big Winning Parlays. Our NBA & MLB Best Bets & Parlays are a great way to build your bankroll. With our cross parlay mix of NBA, Baseball and the NHL, This May through June should be your biggest Winning months in recent memory or Ever !!!  We are the best source for a steady diet of Best Bet and Parlay Winners. Today we we have an incredible set of plays, our NBA/MLB cross looks to payout over 30-1 !!!Right now you have a Great opportunity to go on a tremendous run with us over the next 60 days. Our Parlay Players will have their Biggest wins, record setting weeks and in short make more $$ on a smaller risk than ever before.At this time of the sports wagering year Cross Parlays are a hidden gem. There is no other sports wager that offers the opportunity of turning a $50-$100 bet into thousands on one play. Now you have many more games to wager on and it gives the Parlay Player a Huge opportunity to Win Big. If you are an offshore player and have the ability to play the Money Line it provides the best way to find 2-3 solid plays that can be the anchor of a huge paying Parlay. Some plays can pay up to 30-1 on a $50 bet– that’s a $1,500 night!! Just think if you’re playing Bigger with house $$ already earned ! Isolating teams at the precise time when they are going to get hot is key to keeping your bankroll growing. For example in the NBA The Pacers and Blazzers who both ran off winning streaks of 10+. And finding the teams flat out dont cover and SPOTING LOSING STREAKS,, Like Indy’s current fall,, not just on the court or in the standings but ATS, the only stat we care about ,,,using a solid team in the midst of a cover or non cover trend in a simple 3 team play as the anchor with a +160 $ Line dog and one other -110 Winner pays out a Solid 8.4 ! That’s over an 8-1 payout on a 3 team play and if the start times of the games allow you can hedge the 8-1 down to 4-1 and lock it in with a parlay hedge to insure a profit.